Thursday, February 26, 2009

Candy Carnival

Who knew a bounce house could fit in Hillel's auditorium?
Who knew a clown hung out at Hillel?

Who knew you could get a pie in the face,

cotton candy,
A Shuga-serenade,

and a painted face
all at Hillel?

I'll tell you who knew: Starfish and The Boys and Girls Club who had a blast last night at OSU Hillel's Candy Carnival!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

“The true harvest of my life is intangible - a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched”--Thoreau

Have you ever seen a rainbow?

This one was over Columbus yesterday.

Jewish tradition teaches us that, upon seeing a rainbow, we recite a bracha:
ברוך אתה יהוה עלוהינו מלך העולם, זוכר הברית ונאמן בבריתו, וקים במאמר.וֹ

Blessed are you, Adonai, our G-D, ruler of the Universe, who remembers his covenant, is trustworthy in his covenant, and fulfills his word.

We recite this blessing as a reminder of the first rainbow that appeared after Noah's flood.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Celeb look alike of the week

It's OSU Hillel Staff Member Seth Preminger!!

Wait a sec..that's not him! That's Adrian Pasdar from Heroes.

Here's Seth:

Whadd'ya think, were these handsome dudes separated at birth?

This week's celeb look a like was brought to you by Rabbi LeighAnn. Have you found a celebrity double walking on OSU campus?
If so, contact Blair Stanley ( immediately!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Mensch on Campus

Announcing this week's
on Campus...

President Gordon Gee!

Happy Birthday, President Gee.
And thanks for the snow day. <3

"Gordon Gee is truly a mensch because he makes a sincere effort to get to know every group on campus, from the fraternities to the clubs to the athletes. He makes everyone feel like they are an important part of the university and that adults can be cool too."
~Sarah Greenberg