Thursday, October 23, 2008

The high holidays are done...but there's still lots of fun

Whether or not you celebrated the high holidays at Hillel, you can still be in on all the excitement that goes on here every week!

Hillel hosts a number of student groups catering to every possible interest.
Here's a peek at a few:

Starfish is Hillel's social action team dedicated to making the world a better place. Their programs include PB&Jam (coming soon! November 18!) and Alternative Winter and Spring Break.

The Israel Action Committee puts on a variety of events ranging from advocacy seminars to outrageous Middle Eastern themed parties. Perhaps one of the most exciting programs is a free trip to Israel!

For more info on each student group click here.

Hot events for the week of 10/27:
10/27: Homer's Phobia: Jewish Queers and Allies presents The Simpson's episode, "Homer's Phobia." Enjoy lively discussion, yummy food, and of course a screening of the episode
7pm at Hillel

10/28: CHALLAween: What is Challah? What is its traditional and contemporary significance? And isn't it cool that "CHALLAween" sounds like "Halloween?" Braid and bake your very own crazy-colored challah in celebration of the American holiday.
6pm at Bradley Hall

11/2: Ohio Loves Israel: This annual event will host speakers specializing in all different focuses of Ohio and Israel. Come join us for a free day to eat, laugh and learn.
11:30 am at Hillel

Believe it or not this is only a portion of all the programs next week, for more info click here.

Keep checking this blog for event info, student highlights, and tons of pictures!

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