Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Mensch on Campus

Introducing our Big Mensch on Campus* for the week of January 26, 2009....

(drumroll, please....)


Max is the very embodiment of menschlikeit. Read what his friends and family have to say about what makes him such a big mensch:

He surprised his beautiful (but injured) girlfriend, Vicki, by coming to Shabbat! he made her day brighter, and it was one of the cutest Shabbat moments to happen at Hillel this year. ~Elle Muhlbaum

I am very proud of my title as Max's cousin. He has always ALWAYS been there for me. Why is Max Davis a mesch? He is a Davis. He can lead one kick-ass Passover Seder and make the most boring services entertaining. I couldn't be more proud of him. ~Marla "Cuz" Davis

Max is a great guy because he always greets you with a big hello and a smile. ~Seth "Grand Poombaa" Preminger

Max is one of the kindest people I know, which makes it so easy to admire him. He's the most reliable, sweetest, and funniest person, which is why so many people think he's a great big mensch! ~Vicki "the girlfriend" Zavin

I have know Max since sophomore year and can only sum him up in a comment he made in class inquiring why we were bothering to learn accounting since we would probably be replaced by robots eventually anyway? ~Kevin Bowen

*Nominate your mensch to Rabbi Leigh Ann at kopans.4

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