Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chef Chris

For those of you who don't frequent this Hillel cafe, you are not aware of the AWESOMENESS that is inside. Not only is it a fun place to hang out, get homework done, or stay warm, there is also one more reason to visit.

His name is Chris and he is the Chef and Jack of All Trades at the Hillel Cafe. Chef Chris is now in his fourth year of working at the Hillel cafe and he loves it! His favorite thing about working at the Hillel Cafe is not only the fact that he gets Saturdays off, but also that he can be a friend and mentor to all the students that he sees each day.

He will tell you stories of the restaurant industry, talk about the most recent sporting event (GO BUCKS!), or just talk about life. Anything you want.
All in all, if you have yet to visit the Hillel cafe, you must, for the food, the fun, and of course Chef Chirs! See y'all soon.
P.s The Chocolate Chip Frech Toast is the Best in the Land!

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